image credit: Kevin Stiller client: Acer

image credit: Kevin Stiller

client: Acer

Julian Terry couldn't be kept away from film sets.  Hailing from Evanston, IL--northern suburb of Chicago--he snuck onto a commercial shoot happening in his home town, and began to discover a passion for motion pictures. Armed with a video dslr camera, Julian started to make movies. 

Julian's first professional credit as cinematographer--occurring while still in high school--for the short film, The First and Only Lesson (2009).  He continued to DoP for commercial and music videos, until 2014 when Julian moved to Los Angeles.

Hired to camera operate for a season of a Discovery Channel program--he honed control of the frame.  Later, he would lens music videos for artists A.J. McLean and Tahj Mowry.

In 2015, Julian started working for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures as a Director/Cinematographer/Editor. Combining the fast-paced shooting from from his work on a broadcast show for Discovery Channel, and the highly-stylized music video work, he quickly rose up.

Julian became the first full-time staff cinematographer to work for BuzzFeed's Branded department, working on campaigns for national brands--Toyota, Acer, Purina--to name a few.  Julian left BuzzFeed after 18 months to start directing, first for the short film Milo, and the music video for CeeLo Green's, Power. 

Julian still works as a cinematographer, and is currently developing his feature-film directorial debut for 2017.